Product technical characteristics:

          Electrolyte: the main material is made of the gas phase silica in Germany. When it is injected, it is a dilute sol-gel. It can fill the whole plate space in the battery, and the reaction is uniform in the various parts of the plate. Its rich liquid design makes the battery not easy to dry up under the condition of high temperature and overcharge. It has large heat capacity and good heat dissipation, and it will not produce heat out of control. The electrolyte is in gel state and no flow in the finished battery, so there is no leakage and stratification.

         Pole plate: the cathode plate adopts the tube type plate, which can effectively prevent the falling of the living material. The plate skeleton of the positive plate is cast by multi alloy. The alloy structure is fine and compact, the corrosion resistance is good, and the practical life is long. The negative plate is the paste type electrode plate, and the grating is a radial structure, which improves the utilization ratio of the active material and the high current discharge capacity, and has strong charging acceptance ability.

        Battery tank: ABS material, corrosion resistance, high strength, beautiful appearance, and sealing and high reliability, no risk of leakage;

        Partition: using the special microporous PVC-SiO2 separator of the colloid battery of AMER-SIL company of Europe, its diaphragm has a large hole rate, low resistance, and has a larger storage space for electrolyte.

        Terminal seal: embedded copper core lead pole has greater current carrying capacity and corrosiveness. The unique double pole seal structure can effectively avoid leakage.
        Safety valve: Germany technology, open and close valve pressure constant, high reliability, can avoid battery shell expansion, rupture and electrolyte drying phenomenon.

Use features:

       20 years of design life; high cycle life; better performance; friendship's deep cycle performance; small current discharge performance superior; better high temperature performance; stronger power discharge capacity; better charging acceptance capacity; better safety performance and reliability; high cost performance and low annual operating cost;
Environment friendly and recycling.
Application domain Application area
Telecommunications, mobile, network, railways, airports and other telecommunications and signal system backup power supply;
The power system and the standby power of the nuclear power plant;
 solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power storage, wind and solar complementary engineering;
Standby power supply, such as ship, marine and so on;
Standby power supply for petrochemical system;
Marine signals and navigation marks;
Information industry; UPS, medical equipment, emergency lighting and other backup power;
Environmental protection and high demand for energy saving.

The lithium battery
Lithium-ion battery
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