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Battery in the use of common problems
Battery is widely used in everyday life, usually battery occupies an important position in the UPS power supply, so the effective maintenance, maintain a good backup power supply ability, can make the battery to avoid battery premature decay or scrapped. Hunan battery manufacturer for Yang electronic technology specializing in the production of acting sales of UPS power supply and battery equipment, small make up everyone here to clean the battery need to be aware of the problems in the process of use.
Battery in use notice:
Prohibit excessive battery discharge, such as small current discharge to the automatic shutdown, minimum protection value artificially low battery, etc., are likely to cause excessive battery discharge.
For frequent power outages, make frequent battery discharge areas, to take measures to ensure the battery after each discharge enough charging time, prevent the battery charging for a long time.
For little power, little battery discharge of UPS, to artificially broken grid at intervals of about three months time, let the battery discharge for a period of time, to prevent the battery aging "storage".
Terminal voltage and internal resistance of the battery should be inspected regularly and timely found "backward" battery, individual treatment.
Pay attention to the daily maintenance and use precautions battery, can prolong the use time of battery, and let the battery can maintain good ability of backup power supply.
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