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Knowledge of battery you have to know!
Q: why is the high type battery had better use lie, had better use the vertical type low battery?
A: high type battery stand easy cause inside the battery electrolyte stratification, placed after a long time, the upper of sulfuric acid density is thinning, the lower density thicken, sulfate to form micro cell concentration, so for a long time cause the battery self-discharge, shorten the service life of the battery.
The possibility of low type battery electrolyte stratification, and adopts a stand will effectively reduce the possibility of battery leakage, so short type battery should select established.
Q: how do we determine the battery installation way?
A: for the AGM technology of valve-controlled battery, battery should choose when to install on the design of high level lie, lest produce electrolyte stratification during use. When installation, main consideration and ground bearing installation area, user can choose according to the situation of cell area was laid on the second floor, four and eight layers of installation, in the case of ground bearing allows, choose four or eight layer mode can save installation area, this way is more suitable for the battery on the first floor or basement, to have enough area and ground bearing capacity, appropriate USES 2 ways to install. The specific installation reference "battery installation manual". Beyond "installation manual", by the technical personnel for clients with special design, also known as special design.
Q: why did the old and new batteries, different types of batteries, it is best not to mix?
Answer: because the old and new batteries, battery internal resistance sizes of different types of batteries, battery during charging and discharging difference obvious, such as tandem use can cause single overcharge or owe charge; If parallel use, will cause the charge and discharge flow deviation, groups do not match the current battery.
Q: the battery in the process of operation maintenance, need to check which projects?
Answer: (1) the total voltage, battery charging current and the float charging voltage of each battery.
(2) the battery connection without loosening, corrosion;
(3) battery shell with and without leakage and deformation;
(4) the battery around a column, the relief valve for acid mist overflows.
Q: what is float charging voltage? How do we determine the battery float charging voltage?
Q: what is float charging voltage? How do we determine the battery float charging voltage?
Answer: floating when using battery charging voltage must maintain a constant value, under the voltage, charge and discharge the battery should be sufficient to compensating losses as a result of self-discharge of electricity and the need of oxygen cycle, guarantee in a relatively short period of time to pass sufficient battery power, so that you can make the battery in a full charge state for a long time, at the same time, the choice should be made for a battery charging voltage caused by damage to a minimum, the voltage is called float charging voltage.
Q: the newly installed batteries, some of the pressure difference is bigger, affect use?
Answer: the newly installed batteries, floating operation after a certain time, will be even float charging voltage, because just using sulfate saturation is higher, gas recombination efficiency is poor, run after saturation drops slightly, battery float charging voltage will be uniform.
Q: in the operation of the battery in the long-term floating, battery voltage uneven what reason is there?
Answer: currently exist in VRLA battery float charging pressure uneven phenomenon, this is the production of battery components and materials used in each link of quality, quantity, and the content of error accumulation, especially in VRLA battery used the barren solution type design, error will affect the battery internal sulfate saturation, this directly affects the battery floating oxygen recombination, thus make the floating when the overpotential of different batteries, battery float charging voltage is different. But after a certain time after floating operation of VRLA battery, float charging pressure will tend to be more uniform. The battery because of the high sulfate saturation oxygen compound efficiency is poor, the saturation decline slightly, floating voltage will tend to be more uniform.
The battery in series connection bar pressure drop; A column and connection of poor contact; New battery in run 3 ~ 6 months could exist for uneven phenomenon.
Q: floating battery run time, behind the battery how to judge?
A: behind the low voltage of the battery during discharge, so the battery should be left behind in discharge measurement, if the bus voltages in the three consecutive discharging cycle measurement is the lowest, can be jailed for behind the battery in this group, there is behind the battery equalization charging the battery pack.
, for example, in a floating state of the battery, if attention must be paid to the float charging down to 2.16 V.
Q: the battery has a slight bulge, sometimes affect battery?
Answer: because inside the battery internal pressure, a tiny battery shell shell ballooning degree, on the one hand, manufacturers should pay attention to the open valve pressure relief valve, make the battery internal pressure is not too big, and choose the appropriate shell material, the thickness of the shell; On the other hand, users want to normal maintenance of the battery, so as to avoid overcharge and thermal runaway.
Q: after the battery discharge, generally how much time to full charge?
Answer: the time needed for electric battery enough time after the discharge, on discharge capacity and the initial charging current. Such as battery discharge of 10 h rate, depth of discharge of 100% battery, battery through "constant pressure current limit" and "constant flow pressure limiting" charging after 24 hours, filling the power can reach more than 100%.
Q: battery leakage points which a few kinds, mainly is the phenomenon?
Answer: the key of valve-control sealed battery is sealed, the dead of night, such as battery, cannot dwell with the telecom room one room, must be replaced.
Phenomenon: a. a column surrounded by a white crystal, black corrosion, sulfate droplets. B, such as battery lie, ground have acid corrosion of white powder. C column copper hair green, spiral set inside the droplets is obvious; Or have drop apparently between slot cover.
Reason: a. some batteries a screw loose, seal pressure decrease lead to the drainage. B aging sealant has led to the cracking of the seal. C. severe pass charge batteries, a mixture of different type batteries, battery gas recombination efficiency is poor. D. when pouring acid acid spills, resulting in leakage.
Measures: a. to wipe may be false leakage battery, late for observation. B. to discharge the battery to reinforce a screw, continue to observe. C. to improve battery sealing structure.
Q: why sometimes battery in use, "" put out electricity?
Answer: in the normal state of floating down the electric batteries, discharge time did not meet requirements, program-controlled switches, or the battery voltage on the electrical equipment which has fallen to its set point, discharge that is in a state of termination. The reason for;
Battery discharge current beyond rated current, discharge time is insufficient, and the actual capacity to achieve;
Floating when actual float charging pressure is insufficient, can cause long-term owe battery, battery capacity is insufficient, the sulfuric acid salinization and could lead to a battery.
Loose connection between the battery, contact resistance is big, cause discharge connection bar pressure drop is big, the whole battery voltage drop faster (charging process, on the other hand, also the battery voltage rises faster).
Discharge when the environment temperature is too low. With lower temperature, the battery discharge capacity also drops.
Q: battery hot, high temperature will affect the battery?
Answer: generally, in the process of charging and discharging, because the current is bigger, have a certain resistance, battery cells will produce heat, the temperature was increased. However, when the battery charging current is too large, clearance between the battery starts to make the charging current and battery temperature a cumulative enhancement effect, and damage battery and cause thermal runaway. Especially the user charging equipment used for the ac power, charging equipment by filtering, but there is still a ripple. And a fully charged battery ac impedance is very small, even small voltage variation within the cell lines also can produce significant alternating current, make the battery temperature rise, cause temperature rise, and battery thermal runaway battery shell strength so as to soften, ballooning under internal pressure caused by battery, and cell damage.
Q: the capacity of the battery can use conductivity measurement, the current status at home and abroad?
A: American scientists D.F Dr Eder's view is that the higher the conductivity value is its capacity of the battery, battery conductance and there is a linear relation between battery capacity. Domestic battery conductance measurement method was studied, and the conductivity test data show that in some cases the conductivity test method for evaluation of capacity of VRLA battery status is valid, but in other cases, a linear relationship between battery conductance and battery capacity ceased to exist.
Under the following circumstances, the linear relationship between VRLA battery conductance and other indicators are:
A. for the same series of nominal capacity, battery ~ average conductivity;
B. for one battery monomer, battery capacity and battery conductance;
C. during the process of discharge, battery capacity and battery conductance;
D. battery temperature and battery conductance.
Scope of VRLA battery internal resistance is 3 ~ 10-10-5 ohm, many factors affect the battery conductance measurement accuracy. Article such as battery connection or the oxide layer on the surface of the article the connection between the terminal and contact resistance, and so on. Because the VRLA battery is barren solution type design, so the battery internal gas conductance measurement has a great influence on batteries. In a word, to build a certain type of standard of battery conductance value is very difficult. In fact, the international major battery manufacturers are not agree to conductance index to test the capacity of the battery.

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