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Main components of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries
Maintenance-free lead-acid batteries by positive and negative plate, diaphragm, and article, battery electrolyte slot and connecting the lead (or parts), exhaust valve and terminals, etc.
A, the main components of the battery
1, the plate is the core parts of the storage battery is equivalent to the "heart" of storage battery, the positive plate and negative plate.
2, the function of partition is to isolate the positive and negative plate, to prevent short circuit, can be referred to as "the third electrode. As a carrier of the electrolyte, can absorb a large amount of electrolyte, have the effect of ion diffusion (ion conductive) good. For sealed and maintenance-free battery, the baffle plate also can be used as a positive plate produce oxygen reaching negative plate "channel", make the plate smoothly build oxygen circulation, reduce water loss. Diaphragm type realize maintenance-free battery is the key is made of super fine glass fiber.
3, the electrolyte is mostly composed of pure water and acid, with some additives.
Electrolyte main effect lies in two aspects: one is to participate in the electrochemical reaction, is one of the active material of battery; Two is a conductive role, when battery is used by the transfer of ions in the electrolyte, the conductive effect, allows chemical reactions to proceed smoothly.
4, the relief valve is one of the key components and maintenance-free lead-acid battery, located at the top of the battery, it plays a role in four aspects:
(1) the safety function, that is, when the battery in the process of using the internal gas pressure relief valve pressure, open the valve to release pressure, prevent to produce
(2) the sealing function, when the battery down to the relief valve closing valve pressure relief valve closed, prevent leakage gas acid mist inside to outside, but also to prevent adverse impact on air into the battery.
(3) to ensure normal internal pressure of maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, battery in oxygen compound, reduce water loss.
(4) explosion-proof, some relief valve with acid proof, riot. Such as panasonic battery.
In addition, the safety valve structure type has a lot of, basically have hat, umbrella, flake, etc. Common are made into good elastic rubber cap type raft, its structure is simple, using the failure rate is low, so widely used.
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